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(1) Introduction & Quick Facts
(2) Land
(3) People
(4) Economy
(5) Government and Society
(6) Cultural life
(7) History
(8) Summary
(9) Facts & Stats

Databases (provided from Library of Congress)

Harvard’s Ukrainian Research InstituteFor information on the current Russian invasion, Harvard’s Ukrainian Research Institute has compiled a list of resources on Russia’s war on Ukraine.
International Monetary Fund An official site of the International Monetary Fund, an international organization focusing on global macro-stabilization, financial integrity, and economic development. Contains numerous analytical reports, brief world and country overviews, and data on world and country economic conditions.
International Trade Centre Web-site developed by International Trade Centre, an international development organization which aims to promote the economic development of developing and transition countries through export. Contains information on export and links to institutions which support trade.
NationMaster Web site provides data on different countries including Ukraine. Contains statistics collected from the CIA World Factbook, UN, and OECD
State Statistics Committee of UkraineAn official Ukraine government web-site which contains data mainly on demography and economy. Selected content in English.
The Ministry of Economy of UkraineAn official Ukrainian government web-site providing information on Ukraine’s international economic integration and data on major macroeconomic indicators. Selected content in English.
World BankAn official web site of the World Bank, an international organization whose goal is supporting developing and transition countries in their socioeconomic development through consulting and financing reform programs. Contains analytical materials and statistics.