Global Cities

Globalization and the Transformation of Cities

What are Global Cities?

Envisaging the Future of Cities
World Atlas – What Is A Global City?
The 2022 Global Cities Report
All Global Cities, Listed North to South

Global Cities: Migration and Social Geography

United Nations Human Settlements Programme
Countries and Regions of the World from A to Z

Global Cities: Inequality

The United Nations
The Two Cities: Inequality in Global Cities
Oxfam America Inc
Our big cities are engines of inequality, so how do we fix that?

Global Cities: Inequality Part II (focus on the United Nations)

United Nations – Reduce inequality within and among countries
Urbanization: expanding opportunities, but deeper divides
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa – Poverty, Inequality and Social Policy

Global Cities: Environment (focus on problems)

Global Environment for Cities – GEO for Cities: Towards green and just cities
United Nations – Cities and climate change
World Economic Forum – 5 big challenges facing big cities of the future
United Nations – Equitable future cities hold answers to pollution, climate and nature breakdown
United Nations – Cities: a ’cause of and solution to ‘climate change
Population growth, environmental degradation and climate change

Global Cities: Environment (focus on the built environment)

Fourth National Climate Assessment Chapter 11: Built Environment, Urban Systems, and Cities
Top of the COP: Cities, Regions & the Built Environment
Climate Change Impacts on the Built Environment

Global Cities: Technology and “Smart Cities”

Transforming cities and infrastructure for a sustainable future
The World Bank – Urban Development
Smart City Technology: Collaboration and the Digital Twin
Cities and Urbanization – What is a ‘smart city’?
Smart cities: Digital solutions for a more livable future
Shaping the Future of Urban Transformation
United Nations – Smart Cities