Institute of Forgiveness and Reconciliation

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Rooted in the SSJ Legacy

Chestnut Hill College is grounded in the mission of the Sisters of St Joseph who “live and work that all may be one.” As a college community, we understand our spiritual heritage as one that impels us to foster a culture of active, inclusive love, where all are welcomed, respected and valued. 

An Institute for Forgiveness and Reconciliation is a natural outgrowth of our SSJ legacy and a communal commitment to respond to the needs of our day.

Oneness Overcomes Division

We seek to nurture an institutional culture where oneness overcomes divisions, where grudges and wrongs give way to forgiveness and reparation and people suffering from broken relationships walk the road to reconciliation together. From our own lived experience comes the responsibility to share with others what we are discovering as gift for ourselves. 

Alternative to Dominant Culture of Violence

We need to foster a culture, locally and globally, that is an alternative to the dominant culture of violence, divisions and retaliation that threatens the very well-being of our children and our planet. The Institute at Chestnut Hill College seeks to create a “life-long learning laboratory” where we come to recognize and resist the culture of death. We humbly seek to partner with others on the path of forgiveness and reconciliation as faithful followers of the God of life. The gift of life becomes our responsibility and our mandate. We are here and the time is now to help heal our wounded world. We hope to do so by our multi-disciplined commitment to scholarship, formation and outreach to the local and global community in the personal and societal work of forgiveness and reconciliation.

About the Institute

Chestnut Hill College’s Institute for Forgiveness and Reconciliation is designed to be a learning laboratory for research and scholarship where forgiveness and reconciliation will be explored as alternatives to violence and conflict in our culture. 

There are many ways to explore the topic of Forgiveness and Reconciliation across many disciplines of college research. The tabs across the top of the guide examine a few.

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