Best School Administration Websites

Best School Administration Websites – Part 1

  • Eduwonk – For the policy nerds among us, Andrew J. Rotherham breaks down the latest news affecting U.S. education. While Common Core is a staple amongst Rotherham’s posts, he also dives into more esoteric policies and news, like high school rankings, Virginia school accreditation, and Head Start.
  • The 21st Century Principal – John Robinson isn’t a traditional public school administrator. He’s snarky, politically active, tech savvy, and dead set on pulling away education’s emphasis from test scores. From helpful posts detailing the newest relevant technology to snarky pieces uncovering the failures of standardized tests, this blog is great for anyone wanting to better their trade and stay politically aware.
  • SchneiderB – While a little off the beaten path, Brendan Schneider’s blog focuses on one thing only: how to market your school online. Schneider is quick to highlight relevant news outside his own site and write posts with easily usable guides to making your school’s “brand” stand out.

Best School Administration Websites – Part 2

  • Education World – Education World is a massive resource. They not only keep teachers and administrators in the know with the latest education news, but they also provide free tools like lesson plans and learning games. Their best series is a section called “How I Handled…”, a series in which administrators share their struggles and how they overcame their problems.
  • A Principal’s Reflections – This blog has won almost every school administration blog accolade out there, including “Best School Administrator Blog” and the “EDTECH Leadership Award.” And that’s with good reason: Eric Sheninger dedicates the time to create fantastic, well-thought out content that’s both inspiring and well-researched. The blog is brimming with uplifting posts, policy commentary, and child-focused education tools—all of which are a pleasure to read.
  • Connected Principals – Connected Principals is a collection of pieces from a wide range of school administrators from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences. These principals offer their stories and advice with one goal in mind: helping the students.

Best School Administration Websites – Part 3

  • The Innovative Educator – Harlem-based educator Lisa Nielson “found school boring and irrelevant,” and that upset her, deeply. While consistently writing for big-name publications like The New York Times and The Huffington Post, most of Nielson’s insights can be found on her blog. She writes frequently on innovative teaching styles like integrating social media into lesson plans and using interactive methods to help engage students.
  • The Answer Sheet (WaPo)Valerie Strauss’ education blog is one of my personal favorites. She covers a wide range of heavily researched education topics from education policy to school reform and how those topics will impact schools nationwide.
  • The Principal of Change – George Couros is a long time educator, leadership consultant, and advocate for innovative teaching practices. His blog, The Principal of Change not only deals with school leadership tips and tricks, but also covers many subjects relevant to teachers.