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How to Use Westlaw Guides

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Westlaw Getting Started Guide – This guide introduces you to basic features and functionality of Westlaw, including using the home page and browsing content, viewing and narrowing a search result, browsing documents in a result, checking citations in KeyCite, printing documents, using folders to organize and manage your research, creating and managing alerts, and using the iPad app.
Tips and Tricks to Get You Started on Westlaw – This guide introduces you to basic features and functionality of WestlawNext, including the search engine, global search box, searching, results, find by citation and party name, KeyCite, custom pages and folders.
Setting Preferences on Westlaw – This quick reference guide describes how to customize your research session on Westlaw, including changing the default time zone, specifying a billing method, changing search settings, changing delivery settings, and designating the format for citations.
Westlaw – How to search with Boolean Terms and Connectors  – On Thomson Reuters Westlaw™, you can search for documents by either typing a Boolean Terms and Connectors query or typing a plain language query in the search bar at the top of any page. Westlaw recognizes whichever search format you use.
Custom Pages on Westlaw Quick Reference Guide – This quick reference guide describes how to use Custom Pages on Westlaw.

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10 Quick Tips for Using Westlaw – 10 tips for common research tasks on Westlaw®. Many of these tasks can be done from a single location – the search box
Checking Citations in KeyCite – You use Key Cite to instantly verify whether a case, statute, regulation, or administrative decision is still good law, and to Find citing references to support your legal argument.
Cost–Effective Research Tips – Here are some tips to ensure you make the most of these features and make your Westlaw research more cost-effective.
Registering Westlaw in OnePass – A OnePass profile is the online record of the username and password you personally select to access Westlaw
Retrieving Secondary Sources – Westlaw contains a wide variety of secondary sources such as legal encyclopedias, treatises, and law reviews and journals
Searching Cases on Westlaw – At the home page, you can retrieve a case by citation or name, or search for cases using the
Search box at the top of the page
Searching Statutes on Westlaw – At the home page, you can retrieve a statute by citation or search for statutes using the Search box at the top of the page
Searching with Topic and Key Numbers – Each legal issue in a published opinion is identified, summarized in a headnote, and assigned a topic and key number in the West Key Number System. If you are fortunate enough to find a case on point early in your research, you can use the topic and key numbers from that case to search for other cases discussing the same legal issues
Secondary Sources Library – The Secondary Sources Library page contains a listing of secondary source publications available on Westlaw and allows you to easily browse and search those secondary sources most relevant to your needs

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