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Note: Info below provided from Eastern Kentucky University Law School

  • 10 Quick Tips for Using Westlaw – 10 tips for common research tasks on Westlaw®. Many of these tasks can be done from a single location – the search box
  • Checking Citations in KeyCite – You use Key Cite to instantly verify whether a case, statute, regulation, or administrative decision is still good law, and to Find citing references to support your legal argument.
  • Cost–Effective Research Tips – Here are some tips to ensure you make the most of these features and make your Westlaw research more cost-effective.
  • Registering Westlaw in OnePass – A OnePass profile is the online record of the username and password you personally select to access Westlaw
  • Retrieving Secondary Sources – Westlaw contains a wide variety of secondary sources such as legal encyclopedias,treatises, and law reviews and journals
  • Searching Cases on Westlaw – At the home page, you can retrieve a case by citation or name, or search for cases using the
    Search box at the top of the page
  • Searching Statutes on Westlaw – At the home page, you can retrieve a statute by citation or search for statutes using the Search box at the top of the page
  • Searching with Boolean Terms and Connectors – On Westlaw, you can search for documents by either typing a Boolean Terms and Connectors query or
    typing a plain language query in the Search
    box at the top of the page. Westlaw recognizes whichever search format you use
  • Searching with Topic and Key Numbers – Each legal issue in a published opinion is identified, summarized in a headnote, and assigned a topic and key number in the West Key Number System. If you are fortunate enough to find a case on point early in your research, you can use the topic and key numbers from that case to search for other cases discussing the same legal issues
  • Secondary Sources Library – The Secondary Sources Library page contains a listing of secondary source publications available on Westlaw and allows you to easily browse and search those secondary sources most relevant to your needs
  • Using Westlaw Find & Print – Westlaw Find & Print™ provides an efficient way to retrieve up to 100 full text documents on Westlaw and send them to a printer or email address, or download it to a file. To access this feature, click on Tools
    in the Browse pane and select Find & Print
    . Enter your queries to have full-text documents or KeyCite® results automatically emailed, printed, or downloaded. You can also request a PDF image of a case exactly as it appears in a West Reporter.


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