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Newspaper Source Regional, national & international papers

Regional Business News – Full-text regional business publications for the United States and Canadian provinces.

Westlaw – This is an online legal research service and proprietary database for lawyers and legal professionals available in over 60 countries.

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Current issues of newspapers are in the newspaper rack in the Reference Room, and are listed, below.

Chestnut Hill Local

The New York Times

The Philadelphia Inquirer

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Free access for the Chestnut Hill Community

Wall Street Journal – Access the electronic version of Wall Street Journal here (1982- Present) or visit the library to view current print issues.

  • New York Times – Current news AND archives, plus Times Topics all in one place. Create a free account using your CHC email address.

Christian Science Monitor – Create a free account

USA Today


Philadelphia Business Journal

Al Jazeera English – Highly respected global news in English from some of the most under-reported places in the world.

EBSCOhost News Databases – Business news and newspaper stories from regional papers.

France 24 – French news in English

American Archive of Public Broadcasting

Ad*Access – Ads from print magazines & newspapers from the 1910s to the 1950s, primarily in the US and Canada.

Newseum – Today’s Front Pages Original, unedited front pages from 800 newspapers worldwide. Click on the archive to see pages grouped by “events of historical significance.” – Find arguments in support of or against current issues, including quotes from people who influence legislation and social policy.

AD* Access – Ads from print magazines & newspapers from the 1910s to the 1950s, primarily in the US and Canada.

Associated Press News

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Chronicle of Higher Education

Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network (C-SPAN)

CQ Researcher & Archives

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

National Public Radio (NPR)

Philadelphia Business Journal


The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

The Economist