Finding Books in the Stacks

Each book has a call number, review the shelf directory shown below.

Library Directory

3rd floor Brimmer
Children’s CollectionCall Dewey Classification
MS FloorClassification
English & American Literature, Germanic Literature, Mathematics, Science, Medicine, BibliographyPR-PZ, Q=QR, R-RZ, S-SK, T-TX, U-UH, V-VM, Z
2nd FloorMorton Rare Books RoomIrish Collection, Rooms
L22, L23, L24
2S FloorClassification
J to PQ
Political Science, Law, Education, Music, Art, Linguistics, Classics, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish language and LiteratureJ-JX, K-KFZ, L-LT, M-MT, N-NX, P-PQ
1S FloorClassification
A to H
General Works, Philosophy, Religion, History, Geography, Economics, Anthropology, Social Sciences, SociologyA-AZ, B-BX, C-CT, D-DX, E, F, G-GV, H-HX
1st Floor Alumni
Current Periodicals, Circulation, Computers, offices
BS Floor Bound
B Floor Gruber
College Archives,
Rooms 5 & 6