Finding Books in the Stacks

Once you have the call number, find the books on the shelves using the directory shown below.

Library Directory

3rd floorBrimmer LibraryChildren’s CollectionCall Dewey Classification
MS FloorClassification
English & American Literature, Germanic Literature, Mathematics, Science, Medicine, BibliographyPR-PZ, Q=QR, R-RZ, S-SK, T-TX, U-UH, V-VM, Z
2nd FloorMorton Rare Books RoomIrish Collection, Room L22, L23, L24
2S FloorClassifications J to PQPolitical Science, Law, Education, Music, Art, Linguistics, Classics, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish language and LiteratureJ-JX, K-KFZ, L-LT, M-MT, N-NX, P-PQ
1S FloorClassification A to HGeneral Works, Philosophy, Religion, History, Geography, Economics, Anthropology, Social Sciences, SociologyA-AZ, B-BX, C-CT, D-DX, E, F, G-GV, H-HX
1st FloorAlumni Reference RoomCurrent Periodicals, Circulation, Computers, offices
BS FloorBound Periodicals
B FloorGruber TheaterCollege Archives, Rooms 5 & 6