FAQS and Questions About Logue Library

Questions & Answers

If you don’t see your question here, chat with us or leave a message using the prompt at the bottom of the screen. We’ll respond ASAP and we may even add it to this list!

Question: When I follow the link for various databases from your website, a new page comes up with the message: “This site can’t provide a secure connection; ezproxy.chc.edu sent an invalid response.” I cannot even get to a place to sign in with my CHC credentials to access the databases.  When I am at work, I get a different error message.

Answer: This is a common problem that occurs when browsers try to connect to old data through the cache. Simply clearing your cache and/or restarting your computer should fix the problem. For instructions on how to do this for all browsers, click here.

Another option is to use your browser’s “incognito” mode, if you know how to access it. You could also try your searches in a different browser… one you have not already used to search from our website. If you’re using Internet Explorer, try Chrome or Firefox, for example.  

If you are at work, your problem likely has to do with interference between proxy servers. You are attempting to log in through the Chestnut Hill College proxy server, and the proxy server where you work is not allowing it. Ask someone in your IT department to allow access by making an exception for: library.chc.edu


Question: How do I cite a Twitter post?

Answer: GREAT question. We decided to write a whole blog post about this and create a handy chart to go with it! Check it out.


Question: What do I use to log in to databases from off campus? I am being asked for a username & password.

Answer: Use the same credentials you use for your CHC email, that is, your username is usually LastNameAndFirstInitial. Do NOT include the “@CHC.edu” ending.  Your password will be the same as your email password.  A more complete explanation can be found below. 


Question: Is food allowed in the library?

Answer: A small snack is not going to be a problem, but please do not bring in entire meals. You can enjoy your hot food in McCaffery, which is right across the street, and return to the library afterward.  Please do not have food delivered to the library!


Question: Your website confuses me… How do I find what I need for my paper?

Answer: On the home page, look for the tab, “Books and Databases,” not click on this menu and choose the drop-down menu of “Logue Library Catalog.” This will take you to the following screen shown below.

If you don’t find what you need in the search results, contact a librarian via email or chat in using the prompt at the bottom of the page.


Question: I need to get a specific book or article that the library doesn’t have… What can I do?

Answer: We can get almost anything for you via Interlibrary Loan (ILL), our resource-sharing service that provides a wide range of materials to the CHC community. You can request a book or journal article here.


Question: Do I need to bring items back to the library to renew them?

Answer: No, you can ask at the circulation desk (with or without the item), call, email, or contact us via the chat prompts at the bottom of our web pages. If there is a hold on the book, we will ask you to return it; otherwise we will reply with your new due date.


Question: Do I need my student ID to take a book out? I lost my ID. Can I provide my student ID number or my name? 

Answer: You do need an ID to check out library materials, including reserves. If you’ve lost an ID card we can look you up in the system as long as you provide another photo ID. Eventually, you should replace your student ID. If someone else begins using your lost ID in the library, you could be responsible for stolen material. 


Question: What type of readers are good for the eBooks, iPad or Kindle?

Answer: Most EBSCO eBooks are provided in PDF format, making an eBook reader unnecessary. However, EBSCO does provide the following compatibility information: 

EBSCO eBooks are compatible with the following eBook Readers

Apple (iOS) Devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Android Devices such as smartphones and tablets
Sony eReader Touch Edition
Barnes & Noble Nook
All eBook Readers supporting the Adobe eBook DRM

EBSCO eBooks are compatible with the following mobile apps:

Adobe Digital Editions app for iOS and Android devices.
Txtr app for iPhone and Android devices.
All apps supporting the Adobe eBook DRM.

EBSCOhost eBooks are compatible with all devices and apps supporting Adobe eBook DRM, a standard used by most popular eBook providers, including Google Play. A complete list of Adobe eBook DRM compatible devices and apps is available here.

EBSCO eBooks are compatible with all devices and apps supporting Adobe eBook DRM, a standard used by most popular eBook providers, including Google Play.

Note: EBSCO does not support mobile devices that use the Windows Operating System.


Question: I couldn’t find where to reserve books. I see how to find books, but what about putting them on hold?

Answer: If you see that a book is checked out, please email a librarian or call (215) 248-7050 and we will place it on hold for you. At this time the library’s catalog does not allow you to place the hold directly.


Question: I am curious who Logue Library is named for…

Answer: The Library is named for Sister Maria Kostka Logue, president of the College from 1924-1954.


Question: Do you have a place for computers in the library?

Answer: We have a small public computer lab to your right when you first walk in the front door which allow you to print. If you bring your laptop, we have plenty of study carrels throughout the building near outlets, as well as outlets in the reference room. 


Question: Where can I find your operating hours?

Answer: Our hours for today’s date can be found at the top of the home page in the “Library Hours,” field. View our calendar here.